Are you looking to alleviate and reduce the side effects of cancer therapy? Trust Ocare Pharma's pioneering Belgian care products.

The idea for Ocare Pharma arose some time ago when we, business owners, were faced with cancer in our close circle of family and friends. We noticed that no care products specifically designed for people with cancer existed.

Based on the experiences and needs of oncology patients, we conceived the idea of developing a comprehensive range of products specifically aimed at patients receiving oncology treatment.

We built a network with patients, oncologists, pharmacists and nurses with special experience in oncology. Together with this team, we developed a pioneering total package of products to alleviate and reduce the main side effects at the skin level. Custom formulations were developed based on proprietary scientific trials. Our products are formulated from sustainable, pure, high-quality raw materials and manufactured in Belgium. They have undergone extensive clinical testing in every type of oncological treatment.",

Aim and mission of

Oncology driven

We research and develop products that alleviate the side effects of oncology therapy. To do this, we rely on a multidisciplinary team of patients, oncologists, doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

We Care

Each product is carefully formulated based on the recommendations of patients suffering from the side effects of their oncology therapy. As a result, we know exactly what patients need to dramatically improve their quality of life.

Pharmaceutical evidence

Our products are developed based on scientific evidence. That means systematic research, science-based evidence and the expertise of specialists in oncology.